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Sonic Chorus - Ifuudoudou (AKA Pomp and Circumstances)

Hey guys! Here's part 2 of Sexy Sonic Chorus! For this song, for those offended by dirty offensive words, there is one part in the video that is English and says a ...

Ifuudoudou - Vocaloid Chorus

Vocaloid Chorus by me. Mam nadzieję, że się podoba ^^ Muzyka: Ifuudoudou/Pomp and Circumstance Vocaloid: Luka Megurine Hatsune Miku GUMI IA ...

Sonic Chorus - Magnet

Told you I'd make this. Hi, this is HinataChick38. I decided for my SC Magnet cover, I decided to use my favorite pairings: SonicxAmy, KnucklesxIzzy, ...

Sonic Chorus - Yubikiri

Hey! Made this last week, sorry for audio cuts, Yorukichi's cover is my favorite, let's go! CAST: Sonic - Rumdarjun Mephiles - Yorukichi Amy- iciko Honey ...

Pomp and Circumstance (Ifuudoudou) 威風堂々 - Nico Nico

This song is not for the young or innocent. I am not responsible for any scarred minds whatsoever. Nico Nico chorus for the song, Pomp and circumstance.

Sonic Chorus - Gishin'anki

I do not own the music or the images. They all belong to their rightful owners. I just mixed them together, that's it.) Hey guys. I'm sorry I haven't uploaded for a ...

Sonic Chorus - Doubutsu Uranai

Originally Uploaded: 02/22/2016 Dailymotion description: Hi!!! Oh god, it's been SOO long since I uploaded a chorus! Yeah, if you don't know, I moved from ...

Sonic Chorus - I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry [MESSAGE AT END]

Hey! Here's a new one! And this time, it's a never uploaded one! This song is one of my favorites from a music stand-point, not for the lyrical meaning. Stay tuned ...

ifuudoudou-los chicos vocaloid

like si te gusto.

Sonic Chorus - Blue

Hi! I love this song, and when I heard the 5 people chorus version, my jaw dropped. It was awesome. So, I decided to make a Sonic Chorus with that. Also ...

Sonic Chorus - Unhappy Refrain

Well, this is it! The video you've all been waiting for! (well, at least one youtuber). I liked how the audio mixing came out because there's barely any noticeable ...

Sonic Chorus - Rolling Girl

Hey! This one was requested a few times, so i decided to do it. The audio is from AnotherNicoUploader (his or her videos are awesome, you should check them ...

Pomp and Circumstance / Ifuudoudou ✂【PARADOX】eng. ver

Hey! Biiiiiig thanks to my good friend MondaixSociety for mixing this for me!! ilysm BUT I've liked this song forever and I'm super excited...

【UTAUカバー】威風堂々(If You Do Do/Pomp & Circumst

Happy (late) Valentines day! I tried to post this yesterday but I fell a sleep. In this chorus I used some of my favorite vcv utau, and what do they all happen to have ...

Sonic Chorus - PONPONPON

Well, my friend themusicmattress LOVES this song, and she liked my Sonic Chorus videos, so I decided to combine them. Hope you enjoy this, buddy! I didn't ...

kimi ni todoke- llegare ati - sonic chorus ver.

【Hashiyan & 96Neko】 Pomp and Circumstance (Ifuudoudou) C

I do not own this video. From NicoNico: In the beginning, 96Neko tells Hashiyan to moan. I couldn't translate it or add ...

Sonic Chorus - Hikyou Sentai Urotander

Wow! Two Sonic Chorus videos in one day! I even amaze myself! Well, the idea that spawned this was the same idea that spawned Sonic Dream Meltic ...

Pomp And Circumstances ~ Versión The Hedgehog 's ~

Este video es para una de las mejores escritoras: Shadaria50 me gustó mucho tu serie Seductive Love para los que no la hayan visto se los recomiendo n.n ...

Sonic chorus payphone

Lindo espero les guste mi video amigos de YouTube.

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